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MINOX is a famos German company offering high tech precision binoculars and cameras for an outstanding optical experience. This promise of course applies to the new MINOX Nautik Line, developed to suit the extreme requirements of water sports at high sea. Calculated and constructed with maximum precision and reliability, MINOX Nautik Line optics offer ultimate brilliance, clarity, brightness, contrast, colour rendering and resolution right down to the last detail – not to mention ground-breaking features for modern-day water sports.

The Minox Nautic Line has been selected by Picksea, as one of the best binocular equipment for sailors.

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  • <p>These marine binoculars from Minox are fully waterproof and have a fully integrated digital compass in the centre of the field of view. The binoculars are designed for the sailor and yachtsman and have the unmistakable optical quality of the German brand. Available in white or black</p>

    Binoculars BN 7x50 DCM Compass

    • €499.17
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