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Company dedicated to the design and manufacture of electronic equipment, mainly for the fishing industry.

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  • <div class="fiche txt"> <h2>Protect, monitor and track your boat</h2> <p>You want to protect and know where your boat is? It's possible thanks to the Watching man! This new product comes in the form of a small box, wireless, connected to the cloud and easy to install. Thanks to this connectivity, you can see where your boat is, in real time. You can also monitor the boat's navigation and control its route and the places it has visited. This permanent link allows you to check the status of your boat at any time! All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone (tablet or PC).</p> <h2>Detailed product features</h2> </div>
    Marine Instruments

    Boat Alert System - Watching Man

    • €499.17
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