Combo Black Minnow 140 Blue Off Shore 40g | Picksea
  • Combo Black Minnow 140 Blue Off Shore 40g | Picksea
  • Combo Black Minnow 140 Blue Off Shore 40g | Picksea
  • Reference: BM200

Combo Black Minnow 140 Blue Off Shore 40g

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Detailed features

The Black Minnow 140 Off-Shore Blue Combo and its spare body

The Black Minnow Combo includes an assembled lure (body + head + hook) and a spare body. Hidden in the soft body of the lure, this hook with a large opening allows to have a great efficiency when striking while avoiding the hooking on the bottom. This makes it possible to get to the bottom without losing a considerable number of lures...

This Combo includes:

  • A complete lure Black Minnow 140 mounted : a blue OffShore 40g lead head, a blue 140 body and a Krog hook
  • A spare body Black Minnow 140 color Blue

The 6 steps for the assembly of the Black Minnow

  1. With the lead head upside down, insert the attachment system into the soft body all the way through without forcing.
  2. Turn the lead head right side up so that it fits.
  3. Put, if necessary, a glue point between the head and the body.
  4. Through the opening on the underside of the soft body, look for the attachment system with the hook loop.
  5. Walk the hook along the head attachment and check that it is in place.
  6. Put the hook back through the soft body at the mark.

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