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Designed to protect hands and arms, Guy Cotten, Grundens or Stormline waterproof gloves and sleeves will perfectly meet your requirements. For all fish cutting operations, it is essential to wear gloves adapted to food contact and precision work. Their anti-abrasion properties make them very resistant. You will also keep your hands dry and warm throughout the day thanks to their cotton lining. If you regularly put your hands in the water, you can also opt for more specific equipment such as protective sleeves that will give you optimal forearm coverage

Picksea offers a range of protective gloves and neoprene sleeves designed for professional fishermen. The gloves can be combined with neoprene sleeves to optimise the use of the gloves and to reinforce the waterproofing. Intended for professional use: fishing - agriculture - industry - cleaning... or other activities requiring this type of protection

For all professionals working in the fishmonger's trade, shucking or oyster farming, it is essential to protect their hands when they work. To do this, they must wear professional quality gloves and sleeves, specially designed for fishmongers and oyster farmers.

Which pair of gloves should I choose?

We offer you gloves that comply with safety standards: anti-cut, chain mail, certified for food contact... We are proud to offer you quality products that are comfortable and easy to handle. Our goal is to offer you maximum safety.

All our protective gloves meet current European standards and are CE certified. These cut and chemical resistant gloves are made from triple-layer PVC with a reinforced Kevlar lining.

The gloves SHOWA KV660 offer exceptional protection against oil, chemicals, abrasion and cuts. The rough surface finish provides a good grip and increases durability. Even after multiple washings, the KV660 maintains its hazard protection.

The bN 30 Blue Thermo gloves are part of Guy Cotten 's professional clothing range. These waterproof gloves are designed for work in wet and cold conditions. The seamless cotton structure is lined with a wool and acrylic knit for very good thermal protection. These gloves also provide maximum resistance to water and chemical attack

What are the cuffs for?

To complete the protection of hands and arms, one can use one of our pair of cuffs from our range such as the Guy Cotten(waxed with neoprene sleeve, or entirely in neoprene) or the flexible cuffs with neoprene sleeve to avoid drips and maximize comfort. The assemblies are welded by High Frequency, ensuring the waterproofness of the accessory.

The cuffs protect you from the cold but also from rubbing. Waterproof and resistant, they protect your forearms. They keep your forearms warm, dry and protected. They are made from high quality neoprene with 3mm thickness. Simply slip them over your wrists: these neoprene wrist seals keep water out. The arm band is elastic and has a hook and loop adjustment.

Our anti-cut cuffs are essential for protecting the forearms against sharp risks. The fabric of Guy Cotten cuffs is waterproof. An excellent strength/flexibility ratio thanks to the quality of the plasticizers making up its thick one-sided coating

Ultra-resistant sleeves to protect the arms: the Brigg waterproof waxed sleeves model is perfectly suited to the sea trades such as oyster farmers, fishermen and fishmongers. This model is made of a very strong, anti-tear and anti-puncture fabric. These waterproof cuffs are equipped with neoprene sleeves that reinforce the waterproofing. Very comfortable, they follow the shape of the wrist and provide additional protection.

These forearm protectors are easy to put on over gloves and stay in place thanks to the sleeves and elastic bands.

These products offer many benefits. In addition to preserving the flexibility and waterproofness of the textile, they provide the various safety garments and articles with increased resistance to various elements. This textile is mainly appreciated by users for its flexibility and durability, but also because it is waterproof and easily washable

Depending on your needs, you can either order directly online, or ask us for a quote on +33 2 97 11 80 95 or with our online form.

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  • <h2>SHOWA 660 Professional Gloves: Your hands are protected</h2> <p>The Showa 660 gloves, with triple PVC coating and rough finish on the hand for optimum grip, will be your best ally in protecting your hands from water, cuts and abrasive products. With a total length of 30 cm they cover the hands and part of the forearm to avoid any water penetration. Seamless cotton lining, PVC coating, ergonomic design imitating the natural curvature of the hand, you will immediately feel the comfort and ease of movement. Designed for use in the marine environment, professional or leisure fishing, industry or agriculture.</p> <h2>Features of SHOWA 660 gloves:</h2>
  • <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>Strong PVC-coated cotton gloves for a perfect and durable seal</h2> <p>These gloves from Guy Cotten's professional product range offer maximum resistance to water and chemical aggression while maintaining good grip thanks to the granulated coating on the palm. The PVC coating on a seamless cotton backing is treated to prevent the growth of micro-organisms.</p> <h2>Find all the professional clothing of the brand Guy Cotten in the official shop Picksea - Guy Cotten</h2> <p>Guy Cotten, the brand of l'abri du Marin offers a wide range of safety and personal protection clothing for professionals and demanding amateurs. Boots, raincoats, waterproof bags, marine clothing.</p> <h2>Characteristics of the BN30 Blue and BN30 Red gloves from Guy Cotten</h2> </div>

    BN30 Professional Gloves

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  • <h2>Dexshell Ultralite waterproof gloves</h2> <p>Dexshell Ultralite gloves are the softest and most practical waterproof DexShell knit with COOLMAX® FX liners. Touchscreen compatible, these gloves are perfect for steering your boat, riding your bike, and checking your GPS, all while keeping your hands warm.</p> <h2>Ultralite Dexshell waterproof and breathable gloves features</h2>
  • <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>Cuffs with neoprene sleeves</h2> <div class="fiche-txt">These cuffs are slipped on over gloves for optimal arm protection thanks to neoprene sealing sleeves at the wrists. A Velcro fastening at the top of the arms allows you to adjust the cuffs to your needs. Made of Cap Coz fabric, they have an excellent strength/flexibility ratio and are suitable for regular use.</div> <h2>Characteristics of Guy Cotten neoprene cuffs</h2> </div>
  • <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>Neoprene sleeves to prevent water from rising</h2> <div class="fiche-txt">These cuffs are perfect for keeping water out of your sleeves and also protect you from the cold. Their flexibility makes them very comfortable.</div> <div class="fiche-txt"></div> <h2>Characteristics of Guy Cotten neoprene cuffs</h2> </div>

    Binic Neoprene Cuff

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  • <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>Waxed and neoprene cuffs in 640 gr by Stormline</h2> <div class="fiche-txt">These one-size-fits-all cuffs with adjustable neoprene wrist are the thickest on the market. Very good resistance to cuts, abrasion and low temperatures. Designed for commercial fishing</div> <h2>Characteristics of the Stormline 202 waxed and neoprene cuffs</h2> </div>
  • <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>Brigg waxed cuffs from Grundens</h2> <div class="fiche-txt">These cuffs have an elastic band at the wrist and another at the top of the cuff. They are waterproof and resistant to low temperatures.</div> <h2>The characteristics of the Brigg waxed cuffs from Grundens</h2> </div>

    Brigg waxed cuffs

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  • <h2>Protect your hands with these warm, waterproof, abrasion-resistant gloves!</h2> <p>Here are high-performance gloves that combine waterproofing, breathability, anti-abrasion and anti-cut protection. They also allow the use of touch screens. Dexshell offers a new generation of seamless waterproof gloves with a 73% Coolmax for excellent performance in terms of warmth and breathability<span>. They are suitable for a wide variety of outdoor activities where it is important to keep your hands warm while remaining efficient. </span></p> <p><span>L</span>he Dexshell brand develops a whole range of waterproof and breathable accessories that will equip you and guarantee you to stay warm and dry as long as possible for an even more successful experience! Dexshell products are available at</p> <h2>ToughShield Dexshell waterproof and breathable gloves features</h2>
  • <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>Rugged, waterproof professional gloves with long cuffs</h2> <p>These large granulated gloves are perfect for handling salmon, meat, etc. They are flexible, strong and very resistant to abrasion. The cuffs remain very flexible even in the low temperature conditions encountered in some industries. The gloves have been treated against micro-organisms with an Actifresh treatment.</p> <h2>Characteristics of the North Atlantic gloves from Guy Cotten</h2> </div>

    Gloves North Atlantic

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  • <div class="fiche-txt"> <h2>Brigg coated and neoprene cuffs from Grundens</h2> <div class="fiche-txt">These cuffs have the particularity of having neoprene on the wrist. This allows to stay dry and warm. On the top of the cuffs there is an adjustable elastic. Very good resistance to low temperatures.</div> <h2>Characteristics of the Brigg coated and neoprene cuffs from Grundens</h2> </div>

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