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Find here our range of fishing kayaks. As the name suggests, this kayak is specialised for shallow water fishing. This kayak is a real wonder when you want to reach the fishing spot quickly and easily. It will allow you to slip into shallow areas without any risk. The green or beige colour makes them different from the standard models and they are also equipped with specific fishing accessories (integrated rod holders, storage hatch, etc.). The fishing kayak will become the fisherman's best friend.

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  • <div class="fiche-txt"><h2>A stable and manoeuvrable fishing kayak with a paddle!</h2><p>The Abaco kayak is a single-seater sit-on-top ideally suited for all types of fishing, for all types of water, salt or fresh, and for all types of anglers. Its compact design makes it easy to store, transport and manoeuvre when sailing. Silent, it does not hit the chop. Its low height, coupled with its keel, means that this kayak drifts slowly, even without a floating anchor. Its freeboard is low at the seat, which makes it easy to grip the fish. The Abaco is equipped with the latest features designed for modern fishermen: predisposition to accommodate on-board electronics, specific location for the probe under the hull. The fast and powerful hull allows to sail quickly to the fishing spots.</p><p>It is suitable for sailing beyond 300 metres. Complies with Division 245: <a href="">See our Regulations page<span style="font-weight: normal;"> for more information.</span></a></p><h2>Detailed features of the RTMSit-On-Top Abaco fishing kayak</h2></div>

    Fishing Kayak Sit-On-Top Abaco Luxe with Torqueedo Motor

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  • <div> <h2>Point65°N's "Angler" range of modular Tequila fishing kayaks</h2> <div>This brand new range of modular kayaks designed for fishing allows you to imagine a wide range of use on a reliable and resistant kayak. The modularity of this kayak lies in the patented SNAP TAP assembly system. With its very resistant hull and its keel which allows to have a rectilinear trajectory, you will be able to use it as well in sea as in fresh water. It knows no limits! It will also provide you with a very comfortable seat with AIR(r) technology: pneumatic adjustment and very resistant cover. It has 4 rod holders in the Solo version, 6 in the Tandem version.</div> <h2>Discover the Point65°N 2015 collection</h2> <div>2015 is the sign of the new generation of kayaks at Point65N°. Modularity, manoeuvrability, robustness, ecology and ease of storage are their key words.</div> <h2>Detailed characteristics of the "Angler" tequila range at Point65°N</h2> </div>
    POINT 65 N

    Tequila GTX Angler Modular Kayak

    • €916.62
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